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AVerMedia 4 Port 120fps NV5000 Security DVR Card (Stackable: 2 Cards = 240fps) 
Product ID NVDNV5000
AVerMedia 4 Port 120fps NV5000 Security DVR Card (Stackable: 2 Cards = 240fps)

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     The AverMedia NV5000 Hybrid Capture Card is compatible with both CCTV/analog and IP cameras. The card has a recording rate of 120 fps, and comes with a 4-channel video input and a 1-channel audio input. Further, it supports video encryption for improved data security and also allows you to directly burn the data onto a DVD-RW/CD-RW (using Nero Ultra v6.0+). To provide superior image quality, the NV5000 uses advanced MPEG4 coding. The NV5000 Hybrid Capture Card comes with two features that improve the surveillance capability of your set-up: smart voice detection recording that allows voice-event-triggered recording of the screen, and multiple events alarm alert that helps reduce the reaction time. The NV5000 also features a keyboard lock and watermark image verification technology.

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    Pentium 4® 3.0 GHz or higher
    Operating System
    Windows 2000®, Windows XP® or Windows 7®
    Yes - use any combination of IP or Analog inputs
    IP Camera Support
    Over 100 major IP camera brands supported including Megapixel
    Video Format
    NTSC or PAL
    Software Compression
    MJPEG, MPEG4 and H.264
    Video Output
    CCTV, TV or LCD monitors
    Video Input
    4 channels - BNC connectors (stackable for up to 16 channels)
    Audio Input
    Up to 4 channels with optional expandable card
    Display Rate
    120 fps
    Recording Frame Rate
    120 fps
    Recording Resolution
    up to 720x480
    User Access
    Unlimited number of users with individual passwords and tiered user privileges
    Built in 4 sensors and 3 relays; Expandable up to 132 sensors and 131 relays via an E-I/O box
    User Interface:
    Graphical User Interface
    Compact and Advanced modes
    Display Formats
    Auto scan with 1, 4, 8, 9, 13 or 16 split screen for monitoring and playback
    E-Map Specifications
    Store up to 8 maps with up to 8 angles for camera (including name), sensor and relay positions 
    Night View Ability
    Digital Zoom
    Pan-Tilt-Zoom Control
    Control for both IP and Analog cameras
    Multiple Languages
    Video Quality Settings
    Over Heat Detection
    External Device:
    Dual Monitor Support
    Spot Monitor Support
    POS Integration
    Recording Features:
    Recording Modes
    Continuous, Scheduled, Motion Detection, Sensor trigger, Alarm trigger and Smart recording
    HDD Size Estimation Tool
    Yes - Will estimate HDD size and expected recording time based on HDD size and recording settings
    Video Encryption
    Video Shield
    Video Mask
    Recycle Recording
    Video Loss Detection
    Event Log
    Auto Record after Reboot
    Playback Features:
    Video Search
    Watermark Verification
    Playback Software on PC
    Playback Availability
    Playback while recording or setup. With Dual Monitors - watch playback and live video simultaneously
    Playback Control
    Play, rewind or fast-forward footage including frame-by-frame control with real time access
    Video Optimization
    Digitally zoom in to specific areas on the video footage
    Export Functions
    Export single frames to BMP files or export video clips to AVI files with time and date stamp
    Search Features:
    Visual Search
    Search Criteria's
    Search by date, time, camera, event and event logs
    Bookmark Function
    Yes - Bookmark important footage for fast access
    Search Features (continued):
    Watermark Verification
    Export single frames to BMP files or export video clips to AVI files
    Back-up features
    Manual or schedule backup
    Backup Functions
    Direct burn to CD/DVD-RW
    Alarm Trigger Notifications
    E-map - E-map is launched with active camera highlighted and monitoring footage displayed
    FTP - Still images of event footage are automatically saved to specified FTP sites
    Phone - Installed Voice-Fax modem calls specified phone number and plays pre-recorded message
    Relay - Will turn on lights, lock gates, sound an external alarm, etc.
    Record - System will start capturing video footage from different angles on multiple cameras
    Spot Monitor - Will automatically display E-map and event footage on spot monitor
    Text Message - If DVR is SMS modem enabled, then a text will be sent to specified phone number
    CMS3000 - Event information will be automatically generated in the CMS3000 for follow-up
    Video Intelligence
    I/O Box Support
    Built in 4 sensors and 3 relays; Expandable up to 132 sensors and 131 relays via an E-I/O box
    Remote Accessibility:
    Remote Accessibility
    WebViewer - 1, 4, 8, 9, 13 or 16 split screen views with PTZ control for hybrid cameras
    PDAViewer - View video footage on a PDA in 1 or 4 split screens
    HandyViewer/SmartViewer - View video footage on compatible cell phones
    CMS3000 - Control and manipulate up to 1000 DVRs remotely; Includes hybrid PTZ and E-Maps
    Remote Console - Remotely monitor, record or playback video footage
    2-way audio communication through WebViewer, Remote Console or CMS3000
    Yes - Both IP or Analog cameras through WebViewer or CMS3000
    Dynamic DNS
    Connection Types
    Internet or LAN speeds
    Video Quality:
    Yes for Static or Dynamic footage
    Noise Reduction
    Image Balance
    Yes - Auto Gain Control (AGC) balance image quality
    iEnhance Software
    Yes - optimizes recorded video footage
    iStable Software
    Yes - smoothes video footage
    Scheduling Abilities:
    Schedulable Functions
    Record, network enable, backup, reboot, alarm and relay controls
    Functions can be scheduled in 15 minute, 30 minute, 45 minute or 1 hour increments
    Set for a one-time event or on a weekly repeating schedule
    Desktop Lock
    Yes - will prevent any other operation, not related to surveillance, from running
    Attention Please
    Virtual Keyboard
    UPS support
    Yes - Effortlessly perform upgrades to the unit via the internet or a Pen drive

  • Included: IP Cameras support - Support various IP Cameras & Remote DVR Cameras
  • Included: Video Enhancer - Enhance highest-level video quality with latest technologies
  • Included: Video Encryption - Encryption of video algorithms for security purposes
  • Included: POS Integration - Post transaction data on the image for recording and search by keywords
  • Included: Attention Please (patent pending ) - Enable dialogs to trace if operator pays attention to security monitor
  • Included: Direct Burn - Support direct burn to DVD-RW discs
  • Included: CM3000 Basic - Four monitor display Central Management System support up to 16 DVRs)
  • Included: WebCam - Enable remote viewing through Web Browser
  • Included: PDA Viewer - Support 4-camera view, full screen and live audio on Windos Mobile, Sigle camera view iPhone and more...
  • And much more !!
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