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POS Back Office Server

POS Back Office Server

Product ID CPV-BOSServer
List Price: $2,495.00
Price: $1,325.00

CPU                      Intel I3 Processor
Motherboard        Intel Chipset                                 
Ports                    8xUSB, 1 x COM, 1x 1G LAN
Memory               4GB RAM or Higher                           
HDD                     500GB SATA or Higher
OS                       Windows 7 Professional
POS                     iRetail Store Software or iRestaurant Pro Professional Network Version 

BOS/POS Software

The Fastest Way to Computerize your Store!

Our point of sale back office server increase your profits by cutting costs
Our retail & restaurant point of sale systems, rated #1 two years in a row by Hospitality Technology Magazine, provide cost-saving capabilities far beyond what you can expect from a conventional cash register or generic POS system. We are experts at helping you boost your bottom line by increasing efficiency and accuracy and reducing inventory loss.


Increase your profits with a

Retail Pro Point-of-Sale Back Office Server

Retail Store BOS Software is perfact for Car Wash, Liquor Store, Grocery Store, Florist, Dollar Store, Deli, Cosmetics, Convenience Store, Clothing/Apparel, Chain Store, Cellular/Electronics, Rental, and many more...


Retail POS Software Professionals


Cash Register Express (CRE) is a cost-effective, computerized cash register that helps you increase efficiency and accuracy, lower operating costs and manage your inventory by reducing theft. This easy-to-use retail point of sale system allows you to maintain one database for all transactions and inventory no matter what kind of business you run. Easy to use

  • Intuitive navigation
    • Fast lookups by barcode or name
    • Built-in help system
  • Bar-code ready
  • Credit card processing with IC Verify
  • Built-in backup

Salesperson tracking

  • Time clock
  • Handles multiple clerks
  • Handles multiple cash drawers
  • Password protection

Broad compatibility

  • Microsoft Access compatible
  • Quickbooks compatible

Helps manage customer accounts

  • Detailed customer history
  • Customer quick search
  • Promotions for preferred customers
  • Family memberships
  • Coupon plans
  • Gift certificates
  • Mailing labels

Management flexibility

  • Flexible pricing
  • Flexible taxing

Sophisticated reporting

  • Detailed inventory reports
  • Management reports
  • Financial summaries

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General Features

  • 32 - Bit Processing
  • Easy Navigation
  • Fast Lookups by Barcode, Name
  • Built in Help System
  • Bar Code Ready
  • Fast Processing
  • Saleperson Tracking
  • Scale Interface
  • Works with Portable POS
  • Equipment Rentals
  • Microsoft Access Compatible
  • Time Clock
  • Detailed Tape Rental History
  • Detailed Customer History
  • Quickbooks Compatible
  • Invoices on Hold
  • Credit Card Processing with IC Verify
  • Sets Rental Due Dates
  • Built in Backup
  • Handles Multiple Clerks
  • Handles Multiple Cash Drawers
  • Family Memberships
  • Coupon Plans
  • Gift Certificates
  • Handles Customer Account
  • Friendly Printer setup
  • Freebies and Specials
  • Non-Video Sales
  • Customer Quick Search
  • Flexible Pricing
  • Prints Mailing Labels
  • Flexible Taxing
  • Password Protection
  • Detailed Inventory Reports
  • Movie Reports
  • Late, Rented Videos, Videos in Store
  • Management Reports
  • Promotions for Preferred Customers
  • Financial Summaries



Boost profits and efficiency with a 

Restaurant Pro Point-of-Sale Back Office Server

Restaurant Pro BOS Software is perfact for Cafeteria, Delivery, Fast Food, Bars and Night clubs, Pizzeria/Ristorants, Coffee Shops, and many more...


Restaurant POS Software Professionals

Restaurant Pro Express (RPE) is a touch screen restaurant point of sale (POS) system that provides fast operation, accurate order taking and detailed reports with an easy-to-use interface.  Table service and fine dining restaurants, fast food establishments, coffee shops, pizza parlors, cafeterias and all other types of restaurants will find the features they need within Restaurant Pro Express.  pcAmerica's restaurant point of sale software has dozens of features in a package that is easy and affordable enough for independent restaurants and capable of sharing data between multiple restaurants. 


Restaurant Pro Express is the easiest restaurant POS system available.  Train your servers in as little as 60 seconds to place orders and close out checks.  The colorful touch-screen interface walks servers through each transaction, helping them place each order quickly and accurately.  The POS responds how you think it will respond -- a factor that helped us win the # 1 spot for Ease of Use in the Hospitality Technology Magazine POS Scoreboard.


Fast order entry is critical in all types of restaurants.  Quick service restaurants will see lines moving faster, resulting in happier customers and higher volume.  Servers at table service and fine dining restaurants will spend less time inputting orders and more time helping your guests.  Every second saved helps boost your profits.  The Restaurant Pro Express point of sale system is designed to speed up the operations in your restaurant.


The kitchen is the busiest area in most restaurants.  Errors in preparation can cost precious time, money and customer loyalty.  Restaurant Pro Express prints orders clearly in the kitchen.  Orders sent to the kitchen printer include each item ordered, the modifiers on the item (printed in red), an optional guest number and name on a large, easy to read printout that includes a unique order number, order time and name of the server.  Faster paced, more demanding environments use RPE and a kitchen display system to speed service and enhance productivity by routing orders to the proper preparation areas, flagging tardy orders and displaying items as they are rung into the register.


The detailed reports built into Restaurant Pro Express provide the numbers you need to help you make smart business decisions. Many restaurant owners know they are making money but don't have an accurate picture of how much profit they make or what factors of their business they can alter to increase that profit.  Comprehensive sales reports help you determine how much money you're making.  Reports that list your best and worst selling menu items, combined with a shopping List report that estimates ingredient usage based on the food ordered through your POS, will help you reduce your ingredient costs 1-5%.  Labor per dollar hour comparison reports, tied to the built-in time clock, help you avoid costly overstaffing by analyzing how many dollars you earn per employee hour.

General Features

  • Designed for Touch Screen Invoicing
  • Customizable Touch Screen
  • Separate Department and Item Selection
  • Modifier Items Prompting
  • Line Discount Option
  • Passwords on Voided or Discounted Sales
  • Exportable Report Information
  • Unlimited Department, Item and Modifier Content
  • User Definable Menus
  • Handles Unlimited Multiple Remote Printers
  • Kitchen Order Printing
  • Detailed Customer History
  • Detailed Sales History
  • Stores Old Invoices
  • Puts Invoices on Hold
  • Purchase Orders
  • Detailed Order History
  • Ability to Recall Reports from Any Given Day
  • Easy Printer Management
  • Vendor Tracking
  • Create Hotkeys
  • Inventory Control
  • Food Cost and Use Reporting
  • Tracks House Accounts
  • Multilevel Password Protection
  • Prints Reports to Screen, Printer
  • Detailed Profitability Reports
  • Online Credit Card Processing
  • Adds Multiple Modifiers
  • Microsoft Access Compatible

Fine Dining Features

  • Table Layout for Quick Table selection
  • Table Diagram - Design where tables are located
  • Automatic Server and Table Number Prompting
  • Dining Room Table Management
  • Quick Table selection prompting
  • User Definable remote printing
  • Customer Tabs
  • Splitting checks
  • Multiple Credit Cards on One Receipt
  • Table and Server Swapping
  • Special Orders
  • On Screen Keyboard for Special Instructions
  • Bulletproof on the Network
  • User Definable Hotkeys
  • User Definable Touch Screen
  • Daily Specials (i.e. Happy Hour Specials)
  • Order Filling Screen for Kitchen Monitor
  • Station Specific Settings
  • Employee Card Swipe Support
  • Automatic Gratuity
  • Party Size Prompting
  • Customer Loyalty Features
  • Individual Order Tracking (tracks what each customer orders)
  • Order Status Prompting
  • Online Credit Card Processing in 2-5 seconds
  • Attractive Receipt Printing

Quick Service and Delivery

  • Phone Order Processing
  • Invoice Notes for Delivery
  • Directions
  • Fast Customer Entry
  • Order Filling Station
  • To-Go Order Status settings
  • Store Unlimited Customers
  • Add Customers from any station
  • Easy Lookup by customer number or name
  • User Definable Hotkeys
  • Print Extra Order to printer
  • Customer Loyalty Features
  • Coupons on the receipts
  • Fixed Item Hotkeys
  • Customer Notes
  • Password Protection
  • Employee Swipe Cards
  • Works with Weight Scales
  • Programmable Keypad Ready
  • Prints To Stay, To Go or Delivery on remote printer
  • Easy Invoice on Hold
  • Support Multiple Stations
  • Customizable and colorful touch screen
  • Supports pictures in buttons



Price: $1,325.00
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